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About Us

Alexa Clark & Ellipsis Consulting

Alexa Clark is a digitial marketer with a strong focus on content and social strategy. She has been consulting and providing winning strategies for almost 20 years to clients in the food and tech industries. Her clients know her to be an accomplished communicator, and an innovative and strategic thinker with a demonstrated ability to reach stakeholders at all levels.

Ellipsis Consulting is Alexa’s consulting practice. Founded in 1997 as one of Canada’s first new media and digital talent agencies, Ellipsis now provides strategic consulting and tactical support for digital marketing executions.

From full digital marketing strategies to executive coaching on social media, Alexa and her team at Ellipsis can help your company and your team connecting with your customers and stakeholders in a meaningful way by leading the conversation, without sacrificing your primary business objectives.

For more information contact Alexa to discuss your project and your business.